Hexacopter Project

This is a Hexacopter model manufactured by 3DR Robotics. It's a standard arducopter, with an additional open hardware Carambola platform.

The first task was to modify the standard ardupilot software with an inhouse waypoint system. The Open Source code was too messy to properly assimilate my own, but the project can be found here:


After a few crashes, the hexacopter secured 3D printed support. The designed shell perfectly encased the Carambola platform.

The Carambola is a wifi capable platform that runs the OpenWRT linux distribution for embedded devices. This was set up to run python in order to run additional sensors.

Adding a webcam for IP streaming results in great pictures. The next step is implementing OpenCV, and ROS solutions to process and analyze the captured images.

3D modeling is another possible application. Image stitching could render models similar to those on Apple Maps below.

3D Modeling
Kinect Roomba